Навигация Hifimax GPS-5001

Навигация Hifimax GPS-5001

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Hifimax GPS-500L е преносима навигационна система с 5" TouchScreen дисплей, Sygic + IGO софтуер с опция за камион и 46 европейски държави. Настройката за камион позволява фина конфигурация на тегло, оси, височина и т.н., времеви смени на шофьорите, опасни товари и др. Моделът има вграден BlueTooth, опция за възпроизвеждане на видео клипове, видео вход за камера за заден ход или допълнителен ДВД плейър, снимки, вградени са развлекателни игри за свободното време. В комплекта е включена 4GB SD карта. 2 години гаранционен срок.

Характеристики: Hifimax GPS-500L

5 inch TFT screen, resolution: 480*272 with FM transmittter,av-input function, bluetooth is optional
Stereo earphone, built-in high quality 1.2W speaker, and the volume is adjustable
With both button and touch screen
Built-in high sensitive SIRF STAR III GPS module
With built-in GPS antenna
The navigating firmware in the SD card can be run directly (support 4 bit middle and high speed SD card)
With MP4/MP3 function
With built-in lithium battery and 5V charging voltage; also can use car lighter to charge the machine
Double displaying system can support both LCD and CVBS output
Video playing format: ASF, AVI, mp4, WMV
Audio playing format: mp3, wav, mid
Photo format: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF;
Text format: TXT
Double indication light: one (blue) is working indication, which is blue when working and turn of when it is in "sleep" condition; the other is indicate charge condition, when charge the yellow light will on, and turn green when well charged
LCD brightness is adjustable

Size 130mm(L)*90mm(W)*12mm(H)
Working temperature -10C+70C Keeping temperature -40C+80C Working humidity 45% to 80%RH
Keeping humidity 30% to 90%RH
Air pressure 860MBar ~ 1060Mbar
CPU frequency 372MHZ
Chipset Centrality Atlas-III, dual-kernel.
Memory size 64MB
Navigation firmware storage SD card or built-in NAND??FLASH
Operating system WINCE 5.0 NET
Firmware editor ARMV4
Video output type CVBS, PAL/NTSC
Video output voltage 1.0Vpp/75ohm
Screen size 5 inch
Screen resolution 480*272
Audio output Compound audio track,CD player sound effect
Sound power Stereo track: 0.25W/CHANEL,single track ohm/1W
Average power 6W
"Sleep" power <24mW
Dc input voltage 5V
Power External power
Receiving module SiRF Star III
Frequency 1.575GHZ
C/A CODE 1.023 MHZ chip rate
Signal channels 20 channels
Sensitivity -159dBm
Position accuracy 10m, 2D RMS5m, 2D RMS, WAAS enable
Speed rate 0.1m/s
Data upgrading rate 1HZ
Signal missing time 0.1s in average
Warm boot time 1s in average
Cool boot time 38s in average
Cold boot time 42s in average
Maximum position altitude 18,000m
Maximum speed rate 515m/s
Acceleration < 4g
Built-in antenna type Built-in power porcelain antenna
Magnified effect of the built-in antenna 27dB
Voltage of the built-in antenna 3.3V%
Current of the built-in antenna 15mA
Outside antenna port MMCX
Outside antenna voltage 3.3V
Magnified effect of the outside antenna 27dB
Current of the outside antenna 15mA

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