Авто говорители Audison APK 690
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Авто говорители Audison APK 690

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APK 690 systems are ideal for car models with doors equipped to house elliptical speakers, featuring 6×9 in. woofers and AP 1 tweeter with dedicated crossovers APCX TW 690. The crossovers are ultra-compact to facilitate their installation and include attenuation of the tweeter output level for outstanding fine-tuning. The R&D team optimized the electro-acoustic parameters of the new woofers for installation in the car door, respecting all the characteristics of the Prima speakers, such as the compact size of the basket to facilitate installation.

Двукомпонентни системи


2 way System


6 x 9 in. Woofer
26 mm (1 in.) Tweeter
46,5 x 37,5 x 20,1 mm (1.83 x 1.47 x 0.8 in.) Crossover

Power Handling

100 W Continuous Power
300 W Peak Power


4 Ω

Frequency Response

40 – 20k Hz


95 dB/Spl

289 лв
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