Усилвател Helix M One
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Усилвател Helix M One

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Small, efficient and uncompromisingly stable - the M ONE is a highly compact monoblock for subwoofer applications. Designed from latest Class D technology this tiny amp can easily control speakers with 1 Ohm impedance. Its current capability makes the M ONE a perfect partner for 2 x 2 Ohms subwoofers, where both voice coils are connected in parallel.

In addition a comprehensive and stunningly practical feature set leaves nothing to be desired. Last but not least installation will be a no-brainer due to the minimal dimensions.


Small footprint Class D amplifier with high output power of 600 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm for easiest combination with all 2 x 2 Ohms subwoofers connected in parallel
    Start-Stop capability down to 6V supply voltage
    Smart highlevel input with ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) and Auto Turn-On function
    Integrated, active crossover with lowpass, bass boost, subsonic and phase control
    Extremely stable output stage with high-current power transistors and 1 Ohm stability
    Bass remote control for volume adjustment
    SMD (Surface Mounted Device) manufacturing technology combines minimum space requirement with maximum reliability
    Exclusive, extremely compact and clean design with illuminated HELIX-logo and low heat dissipation thanks to extraordinary efficiency

Special features:

Smart highlevel input
The latest generation of OE car radios incorporates sophisticated possibilities of diagnosing the connected speakers. If a common amplifier will be hooked up failure messages and loss of specific features (e.g. fader function) quite often appear - but not with the M ONE.
The new ADEP circuit (Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection) avoids all these problems without loading the speaker outputs of the OE radio during high volumes unnecessarily.

Start-Stop capability
The switched power supply of the HELIX M ONE assures operation even if the battery’s voltage drops down to 6 Volts during engine crank.


Output power RMS / max.


- @ 4 Ohms

1 x 240 / 480 Watts

- @ 2 Ohms

1 x 410 / 820 Watts

- @ 1 Ohm

1 x 600 / 1,200 Watts

- bridged @ 4 Ohms


- bridged @ 2 Ohms


Amplifier technology

Class D


2 x RCA / Cinch
2 x Highlevel speaker input
1 x Remote In
1 x Remote control input

Input sensitivity

RCA / Cinch 0.5 - 6 Volts
Highlevel 1.1 - 13 Volts

Input impedance RCA / Cinch

20 kOhms

Input impedance highlevel

13 Ohms


1 x Speaker output

Output voltage RCA / Cinch

Signal converter for digital input

Frequency response

10 Hz - 250 Hz

Bass boost

0 - 12 dB / 25 - 75 Hz



50 Hz - 250 Hz adjustable


10 Hz - 250 Hz adjustable


10 Hz - 50 Hz adjustable


0 - 180° adjustable

Slope high- / lowpass

Slope subsonic / lowpass

12 / 24 dB/Oct.

Signal-to-noise ratio digital input

Signal-to-noise ratio analog input

95 dB (A-weighted)

Distortion (THD)

0.20 %

Damping factor


Operating voltage

10.5 - 16 Volts (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)

Idle current

650 mA


2 x 35 A Maxi-fuse (APX)

Additional features

Active, adjustable crossover, bass boost, phase shift, Start-Stop capability, highlevel input with automatic turn on function and Advanced Diagnostics Error Protection (ADEP), bass volume cable remote control 

Dimensions (H x W x D)

50 x 230 x 154 mm /
2.00 x 9.06 x 6.06”

389 лв
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