Авто говорители DD Audio CC6.5
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Авто говорители DD Audio CC6.5


The C Class 2-Way Component System is the perfect balance of high-fidelity refinement and value

The 6.5-in mid-woofer features a coated paper cone that provides warm tonal characteristics with added environmental element resistance for the mobile environment.  The surround is made of a lightweight rubber compound that adds durability without sacrificing any sound. For the frame, we used a sexy low resonance cast aluminum frame. For reduced inductance, extended high-frequency roll off , and increased efficiency the voice coils feature a double slit former and the motor utilizes a copper pole cap . The soft parts are driven with a high flux 17 Oz ferrite magnet motor.

The 25-mm silk dome tweeter features a vented back for a wider/smoother frequency response.

The Crossover networks are built with premium components, including Mylar capacitors, segmented air-core inductors and poly fuses for tweeter protection.  Three selectable tweeter levels are provided for fine high-frequency tuning.

Двукомпонентни системи

Характеристики: DD Audio CC6.5

Размер: Мидбас 16.5см / Tweeter 25mm
Power Band - 60-180 Watts
Impedance - S4
Frequency Response - 50-20k  Watts
Монтажен отвор - Woofer 14.55см / Tweeter 4.2см
Mounting Depth - in    Woofer 6.8см / Tweeter 1.2см
Тегло - 4.5кг.

299 лв
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