Говорител HiVi RT2-Pro

Говорител HiVi RT2-Pro

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High power handling and wide rage response frequency band .No impedance resonance. 

Driving force distributes in vibration surface with precision vibration chip which combines of heat-resistant Kapton? Membrane material and heat-resistant conducting electricity membrane, covering about 90% of the chip in 3-way Neodymium magnets.

Rt2-pro has speedy transient behavior and high sensitivity. Linear phase response synchronizing tome delay characteristic improves positioning precision of reproduction. 

Highly efficient heat-dispel structure reduces the temperature of the vibration chip in working.


General Data
Nominal Power Handling (Pnom)(W)  30
Max Power Handling (Pmax)(W)   80
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)(dB)   98
Weight (M)(Kg)   1.06
Electrical Data
Nominal Impedance (Z)(Ω)   8
Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters
Magnet Former  Neodymium

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