Bluetooth за Audi Basic Plus Fiscon
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Bluetooth за Audi Basic Plus Fiscon


Fiscon Bluetooth за Audi предиден за Plug&Play инсталация. Съвместим с всички модели мобилни телефони. Показва на информацията от телефона върху оригиналния дисплей на автомобила. Автоматичен трансфер на списъка с контакти. Управление на Bluetooth устройството от бутоните на волана.

Съвместим с:
Audi A4 8K
Audi A5 8T
Audi Q5
Concert, Symphony 

Предимства: Fiscon BT Audi Basic Plus 

Integration in the vehicle Infotainment systems
Automatic national language - auto set and display of the national language. Current available languages:
Audio response through the speakers of the vehicle - no installation of additional speakers neccessary 
A2DP Audiostreaming in order to play music files through the speakers of the vehicle (if supported by mobile phone)
Guided OEM-operation by using:
Multifunctional steering wheel (if available) - In case of no factory fitted multifunctional steering wheel the hands free has to be operated by using the mobile
Passenger information system
Microphon adjustment (up to 30DB) through the cluster in order to optimize the voice quality
Software Updates always available
FISCON diagnostic access - While using VW-Audi diagnostic system VAS the following functions can be completed:
Check interface information (software index)
Completing an Interface RESET (factory settings)
Using of the following telephone functions:
Phonebook browsing* (limited to 1000 phonebook entries -  sub-entries included)
Placing, answering, ending a call
Volume control
Best voice quality (even by high pace

FISCON Bluetooth Hands free Audi (english)
598 лв
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