Бобина Mundorf H100 2.20 mH
31 лв.с ДДС
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Бобина Mundorf H100 2.20 mH


Our high-performance HP 3616 ferrite is the answer for many users need for an inexpensive high-power ferrite material. The mechanical advantages of these relatively small coils are obvious, but it wasn‘t until this new HP 3616 material became available that we could even consider adding a ferrite core to our product line. This quality material, manufactured in Germany, distinguishes itself from the widely used cheaper cores from the Far East in its high loading capacity. The H-series combines excellent electrical and mechanical specifi cations with relatively low unit costs.

Core material: HP 3616
OFC-Copper 99.99%


h100 - 2.20 mH, 0.21 Ω, 4038-body

31 лв
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