DIY проект Swans TS6-KIT

DIY проект Swans TS6-KIT

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TS6 SWANS  3 way Triaxial
HiVi Swans TS6 Hi-end bookshelf speaker is based on HiVi “Trinity6” unit as the key element of design.
HiVi Trinity6 is the world’s first 3-way coaxial full range isodynamic ribbon speaker. It precisely combined together with the circle isodynamic ribbon tweeter, double R shape midrange and 75mm voice coil 6.5” woofer. Trinity6 can achieve full frequency range point sound source.
3-way coaxial structure, perfectly exhibits the advantage of ribbon tweeter and electro-dynamic driver, this makes the sound natural. The membrane of circle isodynamic ribbon tweeter has an extremely light moving mass, so impulse response is very quick and the sound is very clear. The midrange part has a unique double R shape membrane, which using polyester material. The bass of Trinity6 using polypropylene cone with 75mm voice coil, so you get very dynamic sound.
HiVi Swans TS6 provides you natural wood veneer with piano lacquer cabinet finish, and 3-way coaxial acoustic structure can deliver very accurate sound and better stable image.

Комплекта включва:
2 x Trinity 6 = 2 x 480 = 960
2 x Филтри - HIVI ТS6 X-over = 130лв
Всичко = 1090 лв

Препоръчителен материал - 19мм MDF
Препоръчителен обем - 16 L
Външни габарити на кутията- 215х295х385
Bass-reflex - 57mm x 110mm - фронтално разположен
Забележка: Останалите компоненти за проекта са избор на клиента и не са включени към кита (кутии, вата,  винтове, входни терминали, бас-рефлекси)

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