Активен субуфер DALI Mentor Sub

Активен субуфер DALI Mentor Sub


Despite its deceptive simplicity of purpose – to reproduce only the bottom two or three octaves, a subwoofer actually offers many challenges in installation and set-up, before it can achieve smooth in-room response and seamless integration with your main speakers.

To make your task easier, DALI MENTOR SUB features a dedicated remote control that allows you to adjust level, crossover frequency and phase from you favourite listening position, instead of crouched down behind the subwoofer. The remote also controls Mute and Power On/Off. Convenient Auto-switching turns the unit on when a signal is detected and off again after a period of silence.

And for those times when you need a little more bass for certain kinds of music or movies, the MENTOR SUB lets you create three independent sets of subwoofer settings and switch between them to suit your personal preferences.

Driven by a 500 Watt Class D amplifier, the powerful 10” long-stroke woofer is downward-firing for improved acoustic coupling to the room and placement closer to walls without compromising performance.

MENTOR SUB is ideal for both home cinemas and music stereo systems. Great results can also be achieved with compact speakers such as MENTOR LCR and MENTOR 1 in a 2.1 setup


Модел: Dali Mentor Sub
Честотна лента 25 - 250Hz
SPL  - 111dB
Честота на филтъра 40 - 120 Hz
Говорител 1 x 25см 
Тип на кутията - Затворен
Максимална мощност [RMS] 500W
Продължителна мощност IEC[RMS] 300W
Максимална консумация 450W
Размери (Ш x В x Д) 330 x 365 x 340mm.
Тегло 22,4


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