Официалните EMMA партньори за 2014 са следните компании:

Become a Partner of the worlds largest Mobile Entertainment Network

The EMMA Partnership agreemnet is divided into two parts:

Part 1:

The basic partnership agreement.

This agreement guarantees all official Partners that their Brand Name and Logo are included into all EMMA publishings like this Homepage, Printouts, Posters, Flyers and of course the actual competition discs. In addition the Partners have the opportunity to get access to Statistical dates and publish product news in our online database. Only Partners are allowed to present Demo vehicles and Team areas during the EMMA competitions.

Part 2:

Event Sponsoring includes Demo areas, Stage Banners, Special programs, EMMA@work, special advertisement options on the place etc.

Part 1 is the basement and part 2 is the ” going public” with the products into the target group. EMMA reached more than 3 Million visitors in 2011 on almost 400 events around the globe. The emmanet.com homepage is close to 1 Mio clicks per month and it is still increasing. Approx. 4000 to 5000 copies of the competition discs are sold per Year.

If you have any question about Partnership relations contact us under mailto:info@emmanet.com