CarMediaWorld and EMMA

CarMediaWorld and EMMA Eurofinals at Salzburg's Auto Messe 2016: This “fair in fair format“ turned out as a top class event of its own: Thanks to its attracting venue at Auto Messe Salzburg, the perfect timing at season start, and a unique supporting program the event-mix of CarMediaWorld, EMMA Eurofinals, and EMMA Head Judge Training brings together a rapidly increasing number of national and international in-car infotainment suppliers, specialists and aficionados. This year’s exhibitors ACV, AIV/Rainbow, Alphard, Audiotec Fischer, Audio System, BLAM, Clarion, DLS, Gladen/Mosconi, German Maestro, Ground Zero, Iltrade, RTA, RS Audio, Soundigital, Tchernov, Vibe, MdLab, approximately 250 Competition- and Demovehicles and guests from round about 30 countries give this event its special flair and fascination. The arrival of the competition cars will be from March 17, the exhibition fair Auto Messe 2016 and CarMediaWorld takes place from March 18-20.